By Rebecca Dimitrov

Welcome to my fitness Guide, I'm so happy you've decided to begin your fitness journey with me


One of the best choices you can make is committing to be the best version of yourself.

So now that you have committed to be in the best shape. where do you go from here?


I get so many ladies asking me what do I eat? Do I have to train hard? I'm always hearing stories of how confusing and overwhelming the information out there is and how intimidating some of the exercises seem. Maybe you've experienced this too and maybe you've felt like giving up out of frustration.

I can relate to this, I'm here to help you avoid that kind of confusion and frustration.

That is why I created this fitness ebook to make training easy and fun as that's how it should be.


The guide is a manageable steps that are easy-to-follow and stick to.

Once you purchase my guide, you will see why it works so well, it has worked well for me, it is simple and easy to follow.


Each workout during the 4 weeks is presented in a basic format, making it easy for you to get started right away. The program begins with smaller challenges, then if you feel like it is easy for you, you can increase your weights to make it more challenging. This allows your body to continue adapting. 


A glossary of each exercise is also included to ensure you have the best direction for form, and technique.

Its not just a fitness guide, I have included fitness motivational information to help you stay motivated and on track.


I have also added a Free 7 day meal plan, It's important to eat clean to get the best results, the 7 day meal plan is delicious and so simple to make. You won't have a big grocery bill.

"Start living a

better you now

by creating

healthy habits



The Lean Girl Guide by Rebecca Dimitrov