You do what?



My top two questions I get asked all the time are:


What is it that you do Rebecca?

How are you able to live your lifestyle?


Here are some examples of my responses:

  • I work from my home

  • I own my own business online

  • I just adventure and do what I want  

  • I help people reach abundance in all aspects of their life.

  • I help people to look and feel their absolute best.

  • I help people create their own online biz through their passions


Reading through that doesn't feel right, but yes it is all true, it doesn't really explain what my job is.


I'm a really straight forward kinda girl and I always like to tell people the honest true. But I did find it hard to explain exactly what I do.


Let me explain, No secrets, just honest truth.


Those people you see on social media who have thousands or even millions of followers. Like Bloggers, Influencers. Most of these people make their money by doing collaborations, like brand/product deals.


But really most of us don't have a huge following that we can talk to.


Yes, with any online business there is a product or service involved. But saying that actually means that I physically sell to people. But that is not what I do. I do not go around telling people to buy products or services. I do not go to my friends or family and tell them all the benefits of these products or services, even though the products I use has helped with my health in so many way.


I basically do just like an influencer would do but just being me. I just live my life. But instead of sharing products or doing brand deals I share with others that they can live out their dream as well.


I basically am the "Product or Service" but how did I get to learn how to do this?


I have aligned with an educational platform that taught me everything I need to know about creating my own brand, that's the beauty of it. I get to just be me, create whatever my heart desires.


But how do I actually live the life I do, I share my life just like everyone else does on social media and If someone asks, I just say it’s by this educational online platform. They buy a product that aligns with them. They get to create their own online business to attain financial freedom and they get to live out their dream to inspire others to do the same. 


So that means I show my life on social media, spend time with my family, travelling, spend my days writing stories, doing fun videos and take pictures that I love doing, working on myself, listen to motivational audio books, read books, Just having fun and living life, That is why we are here right? to live life to the fullest.


You may be thinking I have to get on calls and make sales, I don't even do any of that. The business plan is already done for me. Which is beautiful for me as I'm not a fan of all the technical things behind owning a business.   


I love my job because I am my job. I get to be myself and help others do the same. I’m the happiest, healthiest, I’ve ever been. I've learn't so much within myself and that’s the truth. Take it or leave it. 



If you want to register to work with me you can do so by following this link and provide your details and I will connect with you.







Wait I know what you may be thinking, is this a pyramid scheme or mlm thing? 

  • first of all pyramid schemes are illegal. The company I have aligned with has been around for over 40 years. Nothing illegal lasts that long. 


  • And no it is not an mlm. The person who told me about this business receives a small bonus for my sales, which is amazing because their support is invaluable to your success. If you truly want to talk about it send me a message and I can explain further. 


Isn’t this network marketing? 

  • Yes. I guess you could call it that. But do you even know what network marketing is? We are all network marketers we just don’t get paid. For example you had dinner at a restaurant and it was amazing and then you told a friend about it? Same thing with this. I love what I do so much that I want people to know they can reach the same abundance that I have for myself. 



When I heard that after a certain point I would be paid for life I was 100% in. LIFETIME residual INCOME and LEGACY INCOME. That is just crazy, and all I was doing was being myself and living my life as I want.



So If you want to register to work with me follow the link below.



Love Rebecca :)

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