Mindset Change




Change starts with your thinking and your thinking is a choice. 🤔


Your actions are affected by the thoughts you have, and the things you tell yourself. So, if you want to transform yourself, you’ve got to deal with your thoughts, your excuses, your beliefs and your self-sabotaging. If you change your thinking, your body will follow.


For years I’ve been into fitness and noticed there was something missing. I noticed 95% of problems were more to do with emotions rather than nutrition.🌱


Because I’ve learned that missing component I couldn’t quite put my finger on, the health of your body is only as good as the health of your mindset and soul. 

So the question becomes, can we get healthy {and to lose weight if you have weight to lose} with nothing more than changing your mind?


There are three components to the mind; 

the conscious mind, subconscious mind and unconscious mind. All three serve important purposes.


👉🏽Whether you know it or not, your current behaviour is serving you for a reason – for better or worse.

👉🏽Your behavior is serving certain emotional needs.

👉🏽All behaviour and action stem from our emotions. 


In order to change, you have to put an emotion to the action. Of course like anything this can take concentrated, focused, conscious and consistent effort on behalf of your conscious mind.


To become fully aware of who you are, what emotions you’re needing met and uncovering your standard habits.

For most of us, we know where we want to go but we don’t know why we ended up where we did. We must take some time to get to know ourselves, our driving emotions and how we can incorporate them in a positive way.


Remember what we think directly influences our emotions. That includes negative self-talk or self-sabotage. 


These thoughts and words of the negative self-talk are impacting your subconscious which is believing them to be true. Practice awareness and then replace those with positive self-talk to help your body experience self-freedom.


It could be trauma, like really big trauma such as a death of a loved one or it could be small. The truth is we all have trauma but as long as we suppress it rather than deal with it, our body will constantly be pulling that out of our unconscious filing cabinet and we’ll be acting on it regardless of if we’re thinking about it.

That’s the power of the unconscious mind. To change this and allow your body the freedom to act in love and positivity, we have to deal with our old trauma and let it go creating room for something better.


Learning alot about our mindset I’ve learnt In order to create this shift and reprogram your mind, you must be willing to go deep, dig up past trauma, deal with it and then learn to use your emotions to your advantage.


The three things you need to create this shift include:


1. Awareness – of your previous routines and presets and the emotions that accompany them.
2. Focus – staying in the present and living the moment to allow yourself space to really feel and live.
3. Repetition – constantly repeating the positive and allowing yourself to feel that making it the natural default pattern of your mind.


Rebecca xx


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