I believe we have a wrong perception of what failure is these days.

Most people fear it but they don’t even try because of the chance of not succeeding. And that’s why they never see their dreams come true.🤷🏻‍♀️

The truth is, failure is a precious gift. It’s an inevitable step on your way to success, and a step you need to take more than once.

It’s the proof that you’re trying, you’re doing something to get what you want, and you’re not giving up. 🙋🏻‍♀️

It’s followed by lessons and experience, and it makes you stronger, with more willpower, more focused. It shows you what exactly not to do next time, because it didn’t work out this time.

And if you keep trying, eventually you’ll get there. 💯

I use to think to much on the end result that really didnt get me anyway. I can honestly say i have failed in so many things that I’ve lost count. But it has made me the person i am today. I have learn’t so much on my journey 🙌🏽

I know we are eager to reach your goals but there’s just something inside us that makes us impatient and whatever it is that we want, we want it right away 🤔

But you also need to realize that things just don’t work that way. And the best you can do is enjoy the process and focus less on the end result.

Trust the process and go for what you want ✈️

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